The Drifter’s Escape

Comes a time when you’re driftin’

Comes a time when you settle down…

– Neil Young

Late October–of what’s been just a glorious northland month–in what’s been a continuation of a great run of weather since the beginning of summer, really.

Shorts weather for the jogs in the morning more often than not. The last swim was on the 11th of this month in Calhoun. Brisk water temperature, to be sure. But nothing that I hadn’t felt on the body before in mid-September up in Lake Country.

In short, it’s been pretty much perfect conditions to do some driftin’. To continue the escape from what many times feels like a world gone wrong.

I’ve been off the conventional living grid for awhile now. And nothing has happened to make me want to plug back in again. Not yet, anyways. Still open  to the possibility, though. Keep an open mind and all that.

Until then?

I’ll continue w/ the morning drift. Floatin’ down the Apple River of my mind, so to write.


Because it feels so right. That’s why.

Nietzsche wrote that ‘all truly great thoughts are conceived by walking’.

I humbly agree w/ his perception.

But–to my everyday experience, anyways–the feelings that are produced on my morning journies ae just as important, if not more so. Endorphins rock my world, to be sure.

There’s no substitute for feeling good, readers. None.

And that’s where I’m at every morning when I get done w/ the journey w/ the dog in tow.

Now, the difficult part after the morning muse.

How to transfer all those ‘great’ thoughts and feelings from a receptive mind to the keyboard.

Thus, the blog. So I can work on just that assignment, readers. Exercise for the mind after the exercise for the body, so to speak.

The goal is to free up the keyboard, readers.

To put down some copy w/o it feeling forced.

Again–the difficult part of the equation.

But I’ll keep on keepin’ on w/ literary task as the spirit moves me. Hopefully more often in the days, weeks and months ahead.

Here’s something that will stimulate those animal spirits, readers. An occasional line of feedback from you all will do the job of inspiration, to be sure. If there’s something that ring your bell intellectually, etl.? Well feel free to send a note my way w/ your thoughts. It’ll be greatly appreciated, no matter what you have to write. I guarantee it.

Because w/o the feedback? Well, it’s kind of like this–f you type words about the lakes and the woods–and there’s no commentary…has your keyboard really made a sound?

W/o any reaction how can I be sure that I’ve made some computer noise?

So there you go readers…my one and only solicitation for your collective response to anything that triggers your fancy.

Don’t keep those thoughts to yourself. Do your part to help an old blogger out w/ his efforts to keep the spirit willing. Okay?


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It’s amazing how a little October morning rain thins out the morning herd. But that’s alright,too–it separates the contenders from the pretenders when vying for the good living gold to be mined in our neck of the woods.

Here’s one of the first things you have to overcome–once you’ve decided to make a commitment to the daily morning journey in the land of four distinct seasons– the negative influence of what others would call non-optimum weather on your ability to remain faithful to the routine. You have to learn to systematically take the weather out of your morning muse equation. Make it irrelevant to your way of thinking/action in the a.m. hours.

Really, what I’m talking about is the strength of the will. Or what others call will power. A strength that some seem to be  born w/. Others not so much. Those folks will have to take the time and make the effort to develop their own resolute firmness.

Strengthening the will is hard. And it is definitely harder as we get older. But difficult doesn’t  mean impossible. It can be done. I’m living proof of that.

So on a wet and windy Wednesday there was no doubt in my mind what was on the morning agenda. The daily journey of  two plus hours w/ Girl.

A daily journey is just what the those words mean. And w/ a dog that is impervious to the weather conditions in her quest for fresh air? Well, I’ve developed the same attitude. A yearning for morning outdoor exercise at any time of the year and any type of weather.

It’s ‘dress for success’ and get outside and fill the lungs w/ all that fresh air out there. Plain and simple. Put on the rain gear and ‘let’s go!’

So Girl and I went.

And we were met by the solitude of an empty woods, per usual. Actually, I have come to enjoy the ‘non-optimum’ mornings when we get to the woods. For one thing–the scarcity of fellow travelers–allows us to hug the inner trail around Cedar Lake w/o worry of startling or being startled by a jogger.

Sometimes the dog can jump at the jogger on that beaten path. It’s happened a few times over the years. And now I rarely take the inner circle any more. Certainly not on the ‘optimum’ weather mornings when the number of fellow travelers is sure to be larger.

The peace, quiet and solitude also allows for a stream of thought that won’t be disrupted by any outside conversation, etc. Nothing wrong w/ that. Nothing at all.

But the biggest deal–about the journey on a day like today–is that the weather is no big deal. An afterthought. Not much of one, either.

W/ the dog focused on the hunt/play–and non plussed w/ all the precipitation–I fall right in line w/ the program.

Her joy transfers. And I delight in observing her delights.

Morning thoughts are great. But the good feelings are even better. They also tend to pulsate throughout the rest of the day, creating a multiplier effect of positivity throughout the body. The essence of good living, to be sure.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

There’s various points of interest when you’re hugging the inner lakeside trail on the walk right now. Namely, the eye catching view of the tree-lined background on Cedar and Brownie w/ their fall colors still on full display.

Spectacular viewing.

On Wednesday, however, the intermittent gusts were doing their best to take that picture out of sight/out of mind. Every blast of wind was knocking leaves down w/ a vengeance. Leaves falling hard and falling fast until they hit the ground.

Still time to take in the beauty. But you better move fast. More and more of those trees have barren limbs. The color aint gone yet. But it’s getting there.

Until then?

Try to find some time to take in nature’s fall time show yourself.

You’ll be glad you did.

Happy musings.

(A poem that if you add the name John Facenda to in Youtube, you will be entertained thoroughly w/ his reading of. The Facenda voice? It may be the best ever. Enjoy!)

The Autumn Wind

The Autumn Wind is a pirate
Blustering in from sea,
With a rollicking song, he sweeps along,
Swaggering boisterously.

His face is weather beaten.
He wears a hooded sash,
With a silver hat about his head,
And a bristling black mustache.

He growls as he storms the country,
A villain big and bold.
And the trees all shake and quiver and quake,
As he robs them of their gold.

The Autumn Wind is a raider,
Pillaging just for fun.
He’ll knock you ’round and upside down,
And laugh when he’s conquered and won.

– Steve Sabol





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