Late Season Summertime Action Still In Play

It was a splendid summer morning and it seemed as if nothing could go wrong.

– John Cheever

We’re working on the downside of September–w/ just a couple of days to go before summer is officially closed out on the calendar–but the temperatures of the city lakes aren’t reflecting that it’s time to put the swimwear away just yet. Not w/ the heat and humidity we’ve enjoyed this week, anyways.

So, I haven’t.

I’m still alternating the blue and black swim trunks w/ pockets for my daily use. Wal-Mart standard issue swimwear w/ the solid colors that blend oh so well enw/ the scenery to be perceived as just another pair of shorts by observers not in the know. In other words, perfect attire to fit in when it’s hot!

And that means I was able to seamlessly go for another lake bath this morning after I finished the jog portion of the journey. The water is nothing if it’s not perfect right now after you heat up the body and break a heavy sweat in this humidity. Cool and refreshing–not frigid, freezing or turn you blue in a minute chilled–is where we’re at right now. Still in the Goldilocks zone–not that there are too many other swimmers joining me and Girl for the pleasure. There has been one other splasher in the last couple of weeks, and she goes for a good swim from beach to beach and back on Cedar. Probably close to a mile–something she’s been doing  all summer and loving it. But that’s been it for the mornings, anyways. The dog gets an afternoon dip in Calhoun on any day where the temp crosses 80 degrees. We see plenty of water action then, but it’s of the canoe/sailboat/windsurf board variety for the most part. It seems that most of the swimmers have packed their wear for the season. Too early. Too early by the enjoyable results I’ve had this week, readers. Girl too. She loves the post jog cool down as well.

The neatest thing about this morning’s swim? The rain that started coming down again before I could even finish tying my second shoe after the swim. The rain had started around five a.m. this morning and had quit by the time I headed out the door for the jog/muse. Cloud cover and humidity, yes. Rain, no. But then after me and the dog walked up Harriet beach and sat down on the bench to put on the shoes, it was on again. So what? I was soaked to the bone already. No way I could possibly get wetter. Perfect. And what can you do to add to the routine when the clothes are thoroughly drenched? Well, you can re-ignite the jog and you won’t re-ignite the sweat. It’s really quite nice the way that works, readers. 5-8 minutes of extra cardio while staying cool via the wetness of the clothing at the same time. I think the new agers call that multi-tasking. I call it a fringe benefit of lake baths.

Of course, we know that Minnesota weather can change on a dime–and, sure enough tomorrow’s high is supposed to be only in the 60’s–but every day that you can extend shorts and t-shirt weather into September is a win–at least on the laundry front. The good living front as well. I’ll get plenty of mornings where I can wear my woolen socks, woolen hats, sweater/jacket combos and long johns in the not too distant future, I’m sure. So sock less footwear and swim trunks is just fine w/ me right now. Just fine. No. Make that more than fine. How about excellent? That’s better. It’s excellent to be still living the life of summer when it’s still summer. Clothes and all.

And if you’re a jogger yourself, near a lake? Now’s not the time to put any limits on yourself because of the calendar. No internal fences. Finish up the routine near that lake and then treat yourself to that refreshing dip. Go ahead, the water’s warm. It’s not every year that you can do it w/o putting on a wet suit this late in the season–so you might as well take full advantage of the opportunity. Proof positive that you’re not being restrained by something as flimsy as a calendar. Let that sun be your guide.

Good swimming.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

someday, everything is going to be smooth like a rhapsody when I paint my masterpiece…

– Bob Dylan


The state’s greatest living icon finally got his artistic due last week w/ the finish of the gigantic Bob mural on the corner of 5th Street and Hennepin Avenue in Minneapolis.

The artwork is the product of a Brazilian Eduardo Kobra and his team of painters–known for producing large mural works of cultural icons around the world in bright colors–and is a massive 60 feet tall by 150 feet wide of stunning appreciation for the 70 something Dylan.

Kobra and co. needed only two weeks to complete the project–putting the finishing touches on the work September 8. A speed that a non-artist such as myself found incredible as well. You could look online at the daily progress through various websites, and I did. What a job these artists were able to do on deadline! The talent that is out there in this world, readers. Amazing.

And what a work! The mural is thought to be the largest piece of art celebrating a musician/pop figure/artist in the world. But Bob deserves it, no doubt.

Larger than life fits Bob to a T. It has for years now. And now this wall will become both a landmark of the city–that will have our visitors flocking to and taking their photos–and the colossal monument to a man who has shown the world that not only high quality iron ore can be produced from out hinterland. Greatness can be found in our people, too. Bob’s proven that, to be sure.

A tip of the cap to all those who had a hand in bringing this beautiful addition to our city. They couldn’t have thought up a better idea to my way of thinking.

Makes me proud to call Minneapolis home when the powers that be have the foresight to honor one of our greatest achievers in such grand style. Good job!

Happy musings.













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