Body Heat

country folks can survive…

– Hank Williams Jr.

Now that’s how you break a fever! A strong west wind w/ 30 plus mph gusts blowing all that heat and humidity right on down the road!

And looking at the 10 day weather forecast, it very well might be the last of the sweltering conditions we experienced last week for the summer season.

Who knows?

What I do know is that I’ve got a nice stretch of weather in front of me w/ not a chance of a 90 degree reading on the Marshfield thermostat in the foreseeable future. By the time that the current 10 day forecast is history we’ll be firmly ensconced into August and extremely hot weather in that time frame is hit or miss, depending on the year.

90 degrees in the trailer was a hit last Sunday, though. That was the reading in the late afternoon as I headed out the door for another cool-down procedure in the lake w/ Girl. Au Naturel.

A light environmental foot print and all, no matter what. Come on Girl, we can do this. Let’s go for a swim.

I do have an A/C window unit in the trailer that is operable. I know that because of the one time I had to use it while entertaining guests in the 10 summers up north.

A couple came to visit when the temps got into the 90’s and I thought that for my reputation as a good host I better turn the A/C on. It did the job that weekend, keeping everyone cool and comfortable.

But that’s the one and only time I felt the need to turn it on. Not when it’s only me and the animals that need to keep cool.

That’s what lakes are for, aren’t they? Why stay next to one if you’re not going to use it on those few Minnesota days when it reaches 90 or better on the thermometer?

That’s my thinking on the matter, anyways. Did the Ojibwas have access to a thermal unit when they were in thrive mode for all those thousands of years of their culture? I think not.

As for those that believe in the modern day benefits of A/C? Sure you were in a climate-controlled comfort on Sunday. But imagine the comfort I’m going to be in when I get my next electric bill. Think about that thought when you open your monthly letter from the power company.

Let’s go back to Sunday, though. A day that is the perfect example of how I more than make do w/ the conditions. After all, the goal is to take every day and make it the best it can be. No matter what. You can prosper in the heat and humidity w/o the modern conveniences if you make a plan. This has been my go-to plan.

For those that have excellent recall, you will no doubt remember that Sunday morning exercise sessions are all about the jog and walk w/ Girl. No exceptions last Sunday. The 6 1/2 mile distance, per usual. Approximately 110 minutes.

Humid mornings like this have only one pathway for us, though. A rectangular track that crosses the creek on both it’s eastern and western sides.

Dogs aren’t dumb when it comes to maintaining their cool. And Girl’s a veteran of more than a few humid mornings when she feels the need to lower her body temperature while at play.

First on the eastern edge of the track heading south. A bee line right into that cool, cool water. I’ll jog in place until she’s done w/ the dip. When we head east there are a couple of sloughs/wetlands that she’ll detour in as well.

By the time we turn north and get near the same creek on the western edge of the route, she darts back in to her source of relief.

All of these watery sojourns keep her somewhat wet for the duration. But the only wetness I’m feeling is all that sweat that’s been pouring off my body.

Not for long, though. I head straight to the lake instead of the trailer when we’re finishing up. And I’m ready for my swim! All I need to do is slip off the shoes and jump in. Ah. Nice. The perfect refreshing experience after the morning musing on a hot July morning, to be sure.

Girl, too. She’s turned into a pretty good swimmer for a Weimaraner. Just follows me around w/ her now impeccable form for a minute or two before we head towards shore for a rest. Then we do it again.

It’s still before noon when we get back to the trailer and it’s not yet 80 degrees inside. But don’t worry. It will. It will.

So I prepare for this inevitability by remaining in my shorts.

Until then? Coffee anyone?

By the time the golf is going to start on the TV, it’s blown by 80 in the trailer. Around 84, and climbing. Time for the next swim before setting down to some television. But I put on a t-shirt before heading out now. It’s my version of the wet t-shirt contest. Soak the t-shirt in the lake on the swim and see how long it takes before it dries.

You’d be amazed how cool and comfortable you’ll be while you wait for that shirt to dry. In the mean time? How about that Jason Day? Nice come back after the disappointment of the British, wouldn’t you say?

Early evening and the temp is at 90 degrees in the trailer and there’s only one place for me and Girl to get to. That’s right. Another dip in the lake. This will be enough for me to keep my cool for the rest of the day. Works every time.

So, that’s how me and Girl get it done in the heat. It might not work for you, I know. But it’s worked out well for us over the years. And until Girl lodges a complaint, I figure that it will continue to do the trick going forward.

What was Sunday, anyways, if not for a memory? One that gets more distant by the day.

Happy musings.








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